Loyalty program

Discover the loyalty program MOTIVI&I!

Get rewards while shopping! If you join the loyalty program, each rouble spent by you will be equal to one point earned. You can convert points into roubles and use them during your future purchases, from the very beginning. Furthermore, on each loyalty program level you can take part in the impressive prize drawings, one of which is a trip to Italy. Are you ready to reach the level LOVE? To sign up for the loyalty program, you should be registered at the web-site Motivi. Have you already got the loyalty card activated in the store? You can join the program with the same card at www.motivi.ru

Advantages of the program

  • Having joined the loyalty program, you earn 1 point for each rouble spent;
  • You will be able to take part in the fantastic prize drawings. There will be 3 drawings held, each one for a particular loyalty level, with prizes the value of which correspond to each loyalty level;
  • Points earned by you can be converted into discounts which can be used during next purchases. You are the person to decide when to spend your points!
  • The number of points grow with each next level. Available points (including those which you had earned but did not spend on previous levels) turn into discounts growing with each next level;
  • The usage of points does not influence the level achievement. The level achieved depends on the overall sum of points earned irrespective of the points used or still available for usage as discounts;
  • You can check you number of points and your level anytime at web-site section My MOTIVI or in the store.

How to join the loyalty program

You can join the loyalty program by visiting one of our stores including online-store. To join the loyalty program online, you must be registered at the web-site www.motivi.ru. After registration at the web-site, you can join the loyalty program.
Sign up for participation in program activated in the store allows to use the program only in stores, but not while online shopping. But if you already have got the registration at web-site www.motivi.ru, you can use your card for online shopping by entering the same name, surname and e-mail address.

How to join the online loyalty program if you already have got the card

If you joined the loyalty program in the store, but were not registered online, you can activate the loyalty program at our web-site anytime you want. To do this:
1. Register at the web-site www.motivi.ru, if you have not done it yet;
2. Go to page "Loyalty Program" and choose the option "I'm registered at Motivi";
3. Press the key "I already have the loyalty card" and fill in a special form entering the same data you used when registering in the store: name, surname, e-mail address, mobile phone number, birth date and number of the card issued for you by the store.