Rules of sales

Terms of sale of «Privat Trade» LLC goods

Parties to this agreement are as follows:
The Client is an individual who intends to make and/or is making Applications for the Goods presented on the web-site of Motivi official online store on
The Seller is «Privat Trade» Limited Liability Company (OGRN 1087746760397, registered at: Samokatnaya 1 str., bldg. 21, Moscow 111033)*.

Web-site -
Application is a duly formalised Client“s application for purchase and delivery of the Goods as represented on the web-site.

1. Information regarding the Goods available on is provided by the Seller unless otherwise specifically provided in Goods description.
2. By ordering the Goods via web-site the Client agrees with the Terms of sale of Seller“s Goods (further - Terms) as set out below.
3. This agreement as well Goods description available on the web-site are a public offer under art. 435 and part 2 of art. 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.
4. To relations between the Client and the Seller provisions of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation regarding retail purchase and sale (§ 2 of Chapter 30), Act of the Russian Federation «On protection of consumer rights» dated 07.02.1992, № 2300-1 as well as other regulations adopted in relation thereto shall be applied.
5. The place of realisation of the Goods shall be Russian Federation.
6. The Seller reserves the right to make amendments hereto.

1. Client“s application shall be formalised independently by the Client on the web-site.
2. In order to be able to formalise Applications on the web-site the Client shall fill-in the registration form and shall agree with the conditions of this offer.
3. In order to execute the Application the data from the registration form shall be transferred to the Seller.
4. Registration on the web-site implies compulsory agreement with the public offer by «Private Trade» LLC, otherwise the Client will not be provided with a possibility to formalise Applications for the Goods.
5. The Seller reserves the right to deny Client“s registration on the web-site without explaining reasons.
6. The Seller is entitled to cancel (delete) Client“s registration without explaining reasons.

1. Upon Application formalisation the Client shall receive to the specified e-mail address information about parameters of his Application jointly with the final price of the goods and delivery terms, as well as Seller“s contact data.
2. Within a 2-days“ period from the moment of Application receipt Seller“s representative shall contact the Client to confirm the Application, specify the date, the time and the place of Goods delivery.
3. The Seller reserves the right to cancel Client“s Application at the stage of Application confirmation.

1. Delivery of the goods shall be executed throughout Russian Federation.
2. The Seller undertakes to comply with agreed delivery terms. The Seller shall bear no responsibility for possible delays in delivery due to force-majeure circumstances occurred due to no fault of the Seller and which could not have been foreseen.
3. The period of delivery of the goods from Seller“s warehouse to the address specified by the Client corresponds to internal regulations of courier services regarding delivery terms courier service, «SPSR-EXPRESS» OJSC).
4. The title of ownership for the Goods shall transfer to the Client at the moment of Goods acceptance from a courier service representative on condition of payment for the Goods by the Client and signing of shipping documents.

1. The price for the Goods less delivery cost shall be specified on the web-site. The price of the goods on the web-site may be adjusted by the Seller unilaterally. Whereas, the price of the Goods ordered by the Purchaser is not subject to adjustment. Settlements are executed in Russian Rubles.
2. Payment for the Goods if delivered in Russia may be executed in cash at the moment of transfer of the Goods to the Purchaser, or in advance during formalisation and assembling of the order with the use of VISA, Master Card, Diners Club, JCB («Rules for payment via Internet»).
3. If an order is settled by a bank card the Client undertakes in case of Seller“s request thereof to provide a copy of two pages of bank card holder“s passport, as well a copy of the bank card from both sides (card number should be covered except for four last digits) subject to the Regulations of international payment systems for the purpose of holder“s identification and his authority for the card use.
4. The Seller reserves the right without explaining the reason to cancel the Order paid via a bank card, in particular in case of Client“s failure to provide the documents specified in p.3 (via fax or e-mail as scanned copies) including at availability of doubts in their authenticity, within 14 days from the date of Order formalisation. The price of the Order shall be returned to holder“s card.
5. At full or partial refusal from the commodity/return of the commodity of the proper/improper quality the funds will be returned to the Client in the followign order:
1. In case of advanced payment (for example, plastic cards VISA/Master Card, etc.) cost of the commodity shall be returned to the Client by the method which corresponds to the method of payment for the order within the terms established by the internal regulations of the respective payment systems, it may be returned to Client“s bank account. Confirmation of the fact of payment with provision of confirming documents is an obligatory condition.
2. In case of cash payment for the commodities the price of returned goods shall be refunded to Client“s bank account. Confirmation of the fact of payment with provision of confirming documents is an obligatory condition.
3. In case of cancellation/partial cancellation of the order as initiated by the Client, return of the price of the goods shall be executed with obligatory provision of a copy of Client“s identity card and a scanned copy of the application in the established standard form. 4. In case of cancellation/partial cancellation of the order as initiated by the Seller, return of the price of the goods shall be executed with Client“s obligatory provision of an electronic letter with specification of bank details, to be sent to from the electronic address as specified when making the order.

1. Under the List of non-food commodities of proper quality which are not subject to return or exchange as approved by the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 19.01.1998 № 55 the following items are not subject to return: items of precious metals, with precious stones, items of precious metals with inserts of semi-precious stones and synthetic stones, cut precious stones, goods for prevention and treatment of diseases at home, items of personal hygiene, cosmetic toiletries, garments and knitwear (garments and knitwear, linen, stockings) technically complicated household appliances which are provided with warranty periods.
2. Regarding issues of Goods quality address by electronic mail: having specified your contact details.
3. Goods return is executed via «EMS Russian Post» courier service.

1. When making the Order on the web-site the Client shall provide the following information and agrees to its use, processing and storage by the Seller: the Last name, the first name, electronic address, contact phone, delivery address.
2. The Seller shall use the information for complying with its obligations towards the Client.
3. The Client agrees to transfer by the Seller of provided information to agents and third parties who act on the basis of a contract with the Seller for the purposes of performing its obligations arising out of this agreement and the orders being made via the web-site.
4. Information disclosure subject to well-grounded and applicable demands of the Law shall not be deemed a breach of obligations.
5. The Client agrees to transfer to the Seller of its data for the purposes of execution of contracts being entered into, including this Agreement, as well the obligations as to Goods sale and delivery to the Client being assumed by the Seller in accordance therewith. Client“s consent is expressed in specifying information in respective columns when making an Order. The Seller bears no responsibility for the information provided by the Client on the web-site publicly available.

1. When registering on the web-site the Client gives his consent to receipt from the Seller of advertisement and informational mailing. The specified mailings contain information regarding Seller“s forthcoming events and activities, including ad mailings and special offers.
2. Setting of mailing parameters (frequency of receiving, feature to refuse from mailing, etc.) is available at «Personal profile» section, «My details» item.
3. Mailing arrive as an electronic message to the address and/or as a short message (sms) to the phone number specified by the Client at registration. Advertisement and informational materials may be provided as printed materials and as souvenir items, they may be inserted into clients“ orders and may be delivered to the specified postal address as letters and parcels.